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The Willapa Bay, Rivers and Hills offer a variety of outdoor recreation activities.  The traditional hunting and fishing opportunities continue to attract many, both locals and visitors.  The Port is in an ideal location to take advantage of many recreational opportunities.  First, the Port is located in an environment with access to three distinct bodies of open water, The Willapa River, Willapa Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  In each of these waters there are recreation shellfish and fishing opportunities in operation. Water recreation activities are plentiful and often enhanced by the presence of local marine services.

The fresh waters of the Willapa River provide both water and riverside recreational opportunities.  Port facilities located on the Willapa River have excellent access to the Raymond waterfront.  There are several tourist sites and amenities along the banks of the Willapa River.

The waters of Willapa Bay are a wonder unto themselves.  Willapa Bay has been recognized for its ecotourism opportunities with bird watching, kayaking and water trails. The 180 sq mile estuary contains abundant wildlife, forests, and historic sites.  Willapa Bay is a place that naturalists, boaters and historians enjoy as a year round destination.

Port facilities in Bay Center and Tokeland are well suited to service Willapa Bay.  These locations in conjunction with the local businesses of Willapa Bay provide the essential tourist amenities that allow visitors to relax and enjoy themselves.  Both locations have nearby restaurants, parking areas, docks to provide water access along with spectacular views of Willapa Bay.

Fishing, clamming and crabbing opportunities abound in the Willapa Rivers and bay. Seasons and licensing information can be found at the Washington State Fish and Wildlife website.