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Our Mission

It is the mission of the Port of Willapa Harbor to be an economic catalyst in Pacific County through the development and maintenance of economic and community infrastructure, and the enhancement of business and workforce opportunities.



Port Goals and Objectives

GOAL #1:    To partner with Port tenants and others to leverage resources, improve profitability and to create new jobs.

•    Communicate regularly with Port tenants to address emerging needs and opportunities.
•    Partner with Port tenants on building additions and other tenant improvements to support and expand business.
•    Facilitate local business network to maximize exchange and sharing of local resources.
•    Pursue and leverage funding sources to support tenant business expansion.
•    Support startup businesses and development investment through flexible facility/property lease purchase options.
•    Develop a phased, multifaceted manufacturing incubator with shared business functions.
•    Assist home businesses to expand into Port facilities.
•    Assist businesses with permitting, training, regulatory compliance, etc.

GOAL #2:    To Provide, Maintain, Expand and Upgrade Economic and Community Development Infrastructure within the Port District.

•    Work with local utility providers to ensure capacity for water, wastewater, electricity and internet to support economic growth.
•    Develop new and upgrade existing industrial and commercial facilities to support private business development and expansion.
•    Upgrade and maintain marina infrastructure serving commercial and recreational fishing and aquaculture industries.

GOAL #3:    To Provide a Sustainable Maintenance Dredging Program to support Marine Dependent Industries.

•    Maintain Port-owned hydraulic dredging equipment.
•    Partner with other Ports, Agencies and Private Businesses to maximize dredging resources and efficiencies.
•    Coordinate Willapa Bay wide permitting, dredging and other marine work with other Ports and Cities.

GOAL #4:    To Provide Recreational Infrastructure and Opportunities to Enhance the Quality of Life for Residents and the Quality of the Willapa Experience for Visitors.

•    Develop and Maintain compatible Recreational Facilities on Port properties.
•    Integrate Recreational Uses into Port Facilities Whenever Possible
•    Partner with other recreation service providers such as Audubon Society, State Parks, City of Raymond, City of South Bend, Pacific County, etc. to expand recreational and tourism opportunities.

GOAL #5:    To Promote Business Development, Employment Opportunities and Higher Wages through Workforce Development.

•    Build local workforce skills.

GOAL #6:    To Recruit New and Diversified Industrial, Commercial and Mixed-Use Development/ Investment to the Port and Willapa Community.

•    Develop a straightforward Marketing Program for the Port.
•    Build a more stable local economic base through the recruitment and support of diversified business.
•    Recruit craftsman and artists with the skills to develop small businesses.

GOAL #7:    To promote a broad range of community services and initiatives that support and enhance the quality of life of all of our residents.

•    Support organizations that effectively provide numerous community and economic services.
•    Partner with key organizations to facilitate priority economic and community projects.

GOAL #8:    To ensure the Port of Willapa Harbor’s economic viability and its ability to maintain and expand facilities and services to meet growing community needs.

•    Leverage and maximize the efficient use of the Port’s and other available resources.
•    Develop fee and rental structures that balance recruitment goals, market rates and the Port’s return on investments.
•    Move Port-owned facilities toward financial sustainability.

GOAL #9:    To provide a leadership role in the Willapa Community.

•    Participate in local and regional organizations and forums.
•    Keep abreast of regional, national and international trends that impact the local economy.
•    Provide a communication link with local, state and federal elected officials and agencies.
•    Become a model for innovative initiatives and programs.

GOAL #10:    Develop an agricultural lands management program for Port-owned agricultural lands.

•    Promote higher value agricultural uses on Port-owned land.
•    Maintain land in a responsible manner to insure continued and future development opportunities.