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The Port of Willapa Harbor welcomes small manufacturing firms. Our tenants operate in a supportive business environment and with reasonable rental rates and a range of tenant services.

The Port of Willapa offers a variety of commercial and industrial facilities and properties for lease at locations in Raymond and Tokeland.


Located at the Tokeland Marina, Ambrosia Technology are producers of SEA-CROP concentrate: a mycorrhizal stimulant containing over 80 natural source minerals and active organic substances from deep sea Pacific Ocean water.

Tenant Website: Ambrosia Technology

Read more: Ambrosia Technology

Baldwin and Associates Incorporated is a quality source of surveyors in Washington. Visit us at our location in South Bend or call us at (360) 875-4016.

Tenant Website: N/A

Read more: Baldwin & Associates

Retail Marijuana, Building No. 2, 613 Montana Street, South Bend, WA 98586.



Taylor Industrial Park, Building No 7, 2870 Ocean Ave., Raymond WA 98577


Marijuana producer.

Tenant Website: N/A

Read more: Evergreen Production LLC

Good to Grow is a producer / processor.


Read more: Good to Grow

Tantus LLC is a producer / processor of marijuana.


Read more: Tantus LLC

Located in  2460 sq. ft. of the Stan Hatfield South Fork Industrial Park, Harbor Saw & Supply is a 2 employee chain saw and small engine repair business, and provides Boots & Shoes, Clothing, Power Equipment, Wire Rope & rigging, Safety Supplies, and Truck Accessories.

Tenant Website: Harbor Saw & Supply

Read more: Harbor Saw & Supply Inc

Located at the Raymond Port Dock, Jackpot Industries is a 30 employee commercial fishing vessel maintenance facility for 6 vessels from 80’ –110’ operating in the West Coast and Alaska fisheries.

Read more: Jackpot Industries Inc

Ken's Garage is an auto repair and welding shop, located at 613 Montana Ave., South Bend, 360-875-5361


South Fork Business Park LLC is a producer and processor.


Read more: South Fork Business Park LLC

Located at the Tokeland Marina, Nelson Crab has built its reputation on taking the extra time and effort to produce only the best, all-natural, wild seafood from the Pacific Northwest. Signature products include Dungeness crab, wild salmon and albacore tuna. Fresh, frozen or canned, we use no preservatives or chemicals in our seafood. Pure, natural wild seafood – nothing tastes better.

Tenant Website: Nelson Crab Inc

Read more: Nelson Crab Inc

Pacific Bow Butts Target Systems is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality archery targets and archery backstops.

Tenant Website: Pacific Bow Butts

Read more: Pacific Bow Butts Target Systems

Located at the Raymond Port Docks, Pedigree Cats specialize in building custom, luxurious multihulls; power catamarans, sail catamarans and trimarans, with many amenities included as standard features.  Pedigree Cats is the custom builder in the United States using a skilled labor force with proven building materials. 

Tenant Website: Pedigree Cats Catamaran

Read more: Pedigree Cats

Pacific Gro produces a variety of liquid and dry organic fertilizers made of seafood and other agricultural wastes.

Tenant Website: Pacific Gro

Read more: Pacific Gro. LLC

Marijuana producer.

Tenant Website: N/A

Read more: Quality Growers LLC

Marijuana producer, Taylor Industrial Park,  2845 Ocean Avenue, Raymond WA 98577


Scion Biomedical Inc.is a high-tech company located at the Raymond Port Dock. Scion produces medical devices, such as: CLO-SUR P.A.D. AND CLO-SUR PLUS P.A.D., which promote blood coagulation, also known as “hemostasis”, while providing an “Antimicrobial Barrier” to infection.

Tenant Website: Scion Biomedical

Read more: Scion Biomedical Inc.

Superior Harvest LLC is a producer and processor of recreational marijuana.

Read more: Superior Harvest LLC

Tokeland Seafood Exchange is a commercial fish buying operation located at the Tokeland Marina and is affiliated with South Bend Products.

Tenant Parent Website: South Bend Products


Alder Mill, located at the Stan Hatfield South Fork Industrial Park

Read more: Pacific Hardwoods LLC

The 30-site Willapa RV park is located at the Tokeland Marina. 360-267-7710.


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