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Both Raymond and nearby South Bend are traditional small towns. The communities host a range of service clubs, cultural facilities, local parks and many opportunities for outdoor activities.


Local commercial activity and population are centered in the cities of Raymond and South Bend with smaller centers in the unincorporated communities of Tokeland and Bay Center. The year 2000 population within the Port of Willapa Harbor district was approximately 10,265 with the Pacific County population slightly over 21,000. Pacific County has one of the lowest population growth rates in the state of Washington.


Local real estate values have increased over the last decade, but at nowhere near the rate of increases in places like Seattle, Tacoma, or Portland. In fact, Raymond and South Bend have some of the state’s lowest housing costs.



Raymond, South Bend, and Willapa Valley communities each have their own school system. They are fiercely competitive in sports, but are equally committed to meeting the education needs of their students. Test scores are generally consistent with those of similar districts elsewhere in the state, and the area has produced outstanding graduates who go on to distinguish themselves in college, military academies, and various careers.


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These small, tightly-knit rural communities have also managed to remain free of the criminal elements that have increasingly plagued larger cities. In addition to separate but closely cooperative police departments, the county sherriff’s at South Bend’s courthouse and Raymond’s detachment of Washington State Patrol officers provide unequalled 24-hour law enforcement coverage. The result is an exceptionally low crime rate, plus a very high arrest and conviction rate.


Willapa Harbor Hospital is a contemporary full service hospital serving the Greater Willapa Bay area in Southwest Washington. Our goal is to provide quality and cost effective healthcare services to residents and visitors of North Pacific County. We are a community-owned and community-operated hospital where:


Our community is served by several excellent local papers:

Aberdeen Daily World
Chinook Observer
Willapa Harbor Herald